USA 50 Project

USA 50 アメリカ50州を描く
~ Painting all states in the United States in sumi-e painting ~


Toyokuni Honda made a decision at Laguna Beach in Southern California in the spring of 2001.
Painting all states of the United States, it was the starting as the project of USA 50. He wanted to paint and express out breathes of people and lives with a variety of vast nature in that country.
Soon, he had started the long way to finish them. First, he made some sketches there with some beautiful viewpoints and their spirits and lives of the people. Then, he had come back to his home and paint his works on washi papers with sumi-ink and draw a numerous strokes on his history and Japanese traditional technique. When he had done it, the next stage was begining…

それはアメリカ全土を描く事、USA 50のプロジェクトの出発でした。アメリカの広大な自然と多様な人々の営みを東洋の視点と技法によって描こう。そしてそれによって様々な交流を持ちたいという思いからの発案でした。

「東洋(日本)の文化と西洋(アメリカ)の文化の相違と融合」をテーマとして本多豊國は今、アメリカを行脚しています。アメリカの風土や人々のスケッチはもちろん、講演・展示や墨絵ライブも多くで敢行。たくさんのアメリカ人、日系の方、ネイティブ・アメリカンや現地のアーティストなどと積極的に交流を深めています。  広大なアメリカの大地は時には過酷でアーティストという感覚を超えいまやアスリートのようなハードなツアーになることもあります。しかし、アメリカの全てを描くという決意を胸に本多豊國は今日もアメリカの全てと向き合っているのです。

 usa50_10 usa50_02 usa50_03 usa50_08


Toyokuni Honda said,
“USA 50 gives us a great experience and great joy along with the various difficulties. I have the backup of a lot of people, and with thanksgiving and happy feeling, USA 50 is proceeding slowly and surely to enjoy the powerful. I do not know when to be the day of completion, but I will work hard with the aim of the day. We look forward to your support.”

Important ones, such as sumi-e ink painting workshop and performance was born from the USA 50. This project has been highly appreciated, we have an exhibition of the work at the Tokyo American Club prestigious Tokyo. Donation of painting has also been made ??to the Consulate General of Japan in Seattle.

「USA 50は私に様々な困難と共に素晴らしい喜び、例えようのない体験を与えてくれます。USA 50はたくさんの方々のバックアップをいただき、幸せな気持ちと感謝を持って、パワフルに楽しんでゆっくりと確実に進んでいます。完成の日はいつの日かわかりませんが、よろしくご支援お願いいたします。」




usa50_09 usa50_05 usa50_04 usa50_06


Visited States

1.Washington, D.C. 2.Commonwealth of Virginia 3.California 4.Arizona 5.Utah 6.Nevada 7.Washington 8.Oregon 9.Idaho 10.Montana 11.New Mexico 12.Illinois



Started the project “USA50”. Visited to CA.
LA, Laguna Beach, Palm Springs etc.



Visited to CA and AZ, NV, UT, OR.
LA, on Route 101 and Route 1 and I-5, Monterey, San Francisco.



Visited to WA
2 Sumi-e Live Painting Performance at SCCC and Ever Green State Collage.



Visited to WA and ID, MT, OR.
Sumi-e Live Painting Performance at Helena, MT.



The personal exhibition at Tokyo American Club in Tokyo, Japan.



Visited to WA.
Sumi-e Live Paint Performance in Seattle Cherryblossomes Festival. Presented “Tacoma Fuji(Mt. Rainier)” of Sumi-e to the Japanese Consulate General in Seattle.


Started series on paper “Sweet Orange” in CA.(~’09)


Visited to CA and AZ, NM.
LA, Irvine, San Diego etc.
Sumi-e Workshop at Irvine, CA.



Visited to CA.
LA, San Diego, on Route 101 & I-5, Yosemite San Francisco etc.
Participated to Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair. The special exhibition, Sumi-e Workshop, Sumi-e Live Painting Performance.
Started to sketch 21 Old Missions in CA(~’10)
Displayed a big sumi-e at Japanese restaurant “FUKADA” in Irvine.



Visited to CA, LA, San Diego, on Route 101, etc.
The exhibition and Sumi-e Live Painting Performance at OC Japan Fair in Irvine, CA.
Visited to Chicago with a big sumi-e painting for an event at McCormick Place, Il.



Bazaar at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan.
Sumi-e Workshops for kids at Mendel Elemental School in Yokota Air Base in Japandasia Festival.

Paintings on the way of USA 50

pict_usa019 pict_usa018 pict_usa017

pict_usa005 pict_usa010 pict_usa011 pict_usa012 pict_usa013 pict_usa014 pict_usa015 pict_usa016 pict_usa003 pict_usa002 pict_usa001 pict_usa006 pict_usa004 pict_usa007 pict_usa009 pict_usa008